Problem with MS SQL database ?

p>hi, all, I hope I am at the right place to get my answer. Right now I am having problem with database of SQL server 2000 which is running on SBS. When I try to access table records beyond a specific row then I got torn page. Except this table all others tables are displaying fine in the SQL. Recently I faced system crash and when I restart my system then my database marked suspect. No table is shown and got some error message-

  • SQL Server has encountered 3 occurrence(s) of IO requests taking longer than 15 seconds to complete on file [D:\\Microsoft SQL Server\\MSSQL\\data\\xxxxxxx_Data.MDF] in database [database name] (ID). 
  • Error: 823, Severity: 24, State: 3
  • Recovery is check pointing database \'database name\' (ID).
  • Error: 3414, Severity: 21, State: 1
  • Database \'database name\' (database ID) could not recover. Contact Technical Support.

Backups of this database also failed for the last two days. So I have backup of last two business days old. I can still access these backup but I had issue with backup database also. I think this issue is due to hardware problem in the server.

Now I want to ask you that how to recover database and How to repair ms SQL database. .mdf and .ldf file are still present in original location



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Problem with MS SQL database ?

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