Slow performance of SQL server 2005  ?

Hello, everyone. I am a programmer and used to write fairly large program in Visual Basic 2008 with SQL server 2005. Enterprise manager for SQL 2005 and database terribly respond very slowly. I face it for a long time. Then one day I decided to change server from SQL 2005 to SQL 2000 and I surprised to see the performance increase amazingly. Then back I switch to SQL 2005 and found the same slow performance. I really don\'t understand why it so happen with SQL 2005. As far I concluded, the result might be due to corruption in SQL .mdf file.

But I am not pretty much sure about this. Can anyone clarify this to me? If this is the reason then pl. tell me how to fix SQL server 2005 .mdf corruption. Or if there is some other reason then, pl. give me solution. I need solution as soon as possible. I am waiting for this.



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Slow performance of SQL server 2005  ?

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