Easily Transfer SQL Server 2008 Database on Remote Server

MS SQL Server databases are preferred in any business organizations as it is much manageable resource which allows facilities for better management of data. It enables you to store and manipulate huge amount of data in a risk free manner. MS SQL server 2008 provides facilities for database transfer. You can easily transfer SQL Server 2008 database from one instance to another on remote server with the help of SQL Server Integration Services feature. Using this feature of SQL you can copy or transfer database easily. Transferring of database can be done either in on-line or off-line mode.

Easily Transfer SQL Server 2008 Database

  • Open SQL Server Integration Services Designer in order to create new package
  • You will find "Transfer Data Task" in the toolbar of the left side. You have to drag it on the right side of the screen and then type the task you want to perform on the database in the "General Properties" window
  • Move to Task Editor Box and switch to database pages
  • Then you have to enter the informations regarding source and destination databases in order to create new connections to the servers. Type destination database name, file name and its location
  • Now follow the instructions given. You can either move or copy database both in off-line and on-line mode
  • Type the name and file names of source database apply changes and click OK button

Now you can execute the package to easily transfer SQL server 2008 database on the same or remote server. In the case your database gets damaged while transferring due to any unavoidable reasons then you don't need to be panic because you can easily repair them with the help of MS SQL Database Repair Software. With the help of this reliable software you can easily repair and restore damaged database within few clicks.