Easy Way to Rectify and Fix SQL Error 7995

In SQL database management system all informations are stored in the form of relations. Tables, views and indexes are used for efficient storage and accessing of data. SQL Server databases consists of system catalogs which contains the informations regarding meta-data. All kinds of informations like names and number of tables, views and indexes present in the database are stored in system catalog. At times it happens that meta-data structure gets damaged and you are unable to access them. In such conditions SQL users make use of DBC CHECKDB utility to check the integrity of database and repair the damage but it fails to work due to occurrence of SQL error 7995.

DBCC CHECKDB utility is in-built tool present in MS SQL Server in order to handle common corruption issues. This tool is provided to check the consistency of databases. In three different stages the utility check the consistency of databases which involves allocation check, checking system tables then complete checking of entire database for its consistency. At times it happens that utility fails to respond and give rise to various errors. SQL error 7995 is one such error which appears during the execution of DBCC CHECKDB utility.

It has been reported by various users that while running CHECKDB utility in order to check the consistency of table the utility quits in the midway and fails to repair the damage. Usually it is accompanied by following error message:

"Database 'DBNAME': consistency errors in system catalogs prevent further DBCC CHECKNAME processing."

As a result above error message utility fails to execute and quits abruptly in second stage of the integrity checking. Usually such kind of problem appears when meta-data for all the objects are severely corrupted, system catalogs are damaged or system base tables are storing meta-data for all objects in the database.

In order to fix SQL error 7995 it is required to check the error log in order to troubleshoot the hardware related problems which might be responsible for the error. Execution of hardware diagnostic might resolve the problem. Even if you are getting similar error then you are required to use any third-party MS SQL Database Repair Software. with the help of this effective software you can easily repair the damage database and resolve the error. Using this software you can restore corrupt database and can also retrieves lost SQL objects like tables, indexes, views, triggers etc.